So you’re probably asking yourself…

Posted: 1st January 2012 by sojourn_admin in Uncategorized

Despite the name, we’re not a travel agency. But we love to travel, especially if there’s the potential to grab a few waves along the way. We’re a new type of apparel company, that wants to print designs created by you. We’re building an online community of travelers, surfers, artists, ferals, designers, trendsetters, writers, photogs, and just plain cool people who are inspired by the places they go and the cultures they encounter. People who want to do something different. Draw their own line. Express their creativity. Tell their story. Showoff their talents. Immortalize their inspiration.

And in the process, support a charity of their choice and make a difference on this planet.

And maybe win some cash, travel rewards and swag.

How could all this be possible, and how do I get on board, you ask?

However, a community isn’t created overnight. We’re in the startup phase (hence the blog), and our main web site (your community) is still in development – we plan to be in Beta this summer and hope you’ll check it out. If you like us, join us.

We’ll also be hitting up some local events around San Diego through the summer and fall to show off the goods created by other members of the Sojourn community. We like to get out in the sun at the beach as much as anyone. And we’d like to meet you.

So go ahead and sign up for our newsletter. Or check out our facebook page where you can view (and purchase) our first run of surf-travel-inspired designs. Let us know what you think. We’ll keep you posted on the community’s progress, how to participate, the new designs we have coming out and the events we’ll be attending. And no, we won’t fill up your inbox or give your email to anyone. We want to be your friend and we want you to like us back.

And if you’re interested in getting involved we’re interested in talking with you. We’d love to work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about surfing, travel, art and design and want to be part of a movement whose goal is to create something unique and give back to those orgs that are protecting the ocean that we love to play in.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Sojourn Founders